Getting through this crisis together

First of all, I hope you and your loved ones are keeping well. I know these are strange time, and that many of you will be missing friends and family, or worried about the future of your job or business. Secondarily, I’m sure you’ll be wondering when you’ll be able to have a drink at your local again, whether that holiday you booked will still go ahead, or whether your football team will be able to finish the season. 

Coronavirus has affected us all in the last few months, even if we haven’t had the symptoms our everyday lives will have been affected. I do however believe that in time we will look back on this period as a time when our community spirit and generosity were made stronger. The social distancing measures have made a difference and we are now passed the peak of infections. It’s now more important than ever to keep going. 

In the midst of these difficulties, there have been many uplifting stories of people doing good, perhaps best exemplified by Captain Tom Moore with his zimmer frame walks to raise money for the NHS. His promotion to Honorary Colonel on his 100th birthday was well deserved. I've heard many great stories from local people, businesses, charities and schools, and I want to thank you all of you who are going the extra mile. 

I have been working to ensure that local residents and businesses are supported during these difficult times, and I’ve held several virtual meetings and had communication with both local authorities, the Police, the Jobcentres, NHS providers and charities to ensure they have what they need. I’ve also been in contact with local schools and care homes, and I’ve been holding ‘Facebook Live’ sessions to answer questions directly. If you have an issue or concern that I can help with, please get in touch. You can call my office on 0121 550 6777 or email me at 

On a final note, this month marks the tenth anniversary of my election as the MP for Halesowen & Rowley Regis. When first elected we were in the midst of a European banking crisis, had just come through a deep recession and we had the first hung Parliament in over 35 years. I wasn’t sure I’d make ten weeks as an MP, let alone ten years! There has been a lot of change both nationally and globally during the last decade, but every time I have come back to the constituency after a week in Parliament I have always been humbled by the support and goodwill local people have shown me. It’s been an honour to be your MP, and I look forward to continuing to serve you.